Proto-Phototexts of the 19th century

by Federica Chiocchetti

3 Feb 2017

As the PhD research on the History of Phototexts in Theoretical Perspective continues and evolves into a curatorial project and a publication, I am delighted to share a number of intriguing ‘proto-phototexts’ of the early days of photography.

Hercule Florence, Masonic Diploma, photographic copy, Brazil 1833

William Henry Fox Talbot, Copy of a stanza from the “Ode to Napoleon” in Lord Byron’s hand, photogenic drawing negative, UK prior to 4 April 1840

Henry Collen, Chinese characters of the Treaty of Nanking, photographic copy for the Queen, UK 1842

Anna Atkins, British Algae: Cyanotypes Impressions, hand-lettered preface text, UK 1843

William Henry Fox Talbot, Fac-simile of an Old Printed Page, Plate IX, The Pencil of Nature, UK 1844-45

If you come across any similar work don’t hesitate to contact us. Stay tuned!