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The Photocaptionist is an editorial and curatorial platform that explores the relationship between photography & fictions, images & words, operating both on and offline. Authors of the past, contemporary and emerging writers, critics and image makers ‘meet’ on for a photo-literary feast. Here we also present a selection of projects that we have curated in the physical world.

The platform is loosely inspired by Bertold Brecht’s 1955 Kriegsfibel (War Primer), a unique work of art that introduced a new literary genre, the fotogramm (photo-epigram), where he combined poetry and news photography to unmask the true nature of war in a capitalist society. It is also informed by Walter Benjamin’s 1934 essay ‘The Author as Producer’, where he stressed the importance of the caption to rescue the picture from “the ravages of modishness and confer upon it a revolutionary use value”.

The name derives from a dream that our founding director, Federica Chiocchetti, had in 2012 of a grumpy old bloke whose job title was precisely ‘Photocaptionist’, and whose task was to produce creative texts to accompany the photographs he was sent by various institutions, artists and random individuals. She forgot about him for a while. One day she came across an empty 1940s photo album in the streets of Derby, UK, with a very peculiar typestyle on the cover. Out of curiosity she commissioned artist and letterer Rob Draper to replicate the typestyle and form the word ‘Photocaptionist’. The imaginary bloke was back, grumpier than ever, working non-stop as a matchmaker between photographs and words.

Our editorial activities are strongly a-periodic and presented here in two sections: COMPOSITIONS and CORNUCOPIA.

COMPOSITIONS are commissioned photo-literary montages in collaboration with artists, writers and critics. You can enjoy single or multiple photo-text pairings of various nature accompanied by a text at the bottom. When the pairings are multiple, a series of dots appear on the right-had side to facilitate navigation, while the text remains at the bottom.

CORNUCOPIA is our cabinet of photo-text curiosities. Here you will find a wide range of features, including ‘Image-Text PhotoBooks In A Nutshell’ (ITPIAN), a regular column on photo-text books, as well as interviews, essays, anecdotage and a selection of our favourite portfolios of work inspired by literature or that incorporate text in an innovative way.

As part of our main offline activities we conceive and produce exhibitions, collaborate for printed matter projects, and organise talks & events, mainly – yet not exclusively – with a focus on images, fictions & words. You can find a selection of our initiatives in our PROJECTS section.

The Photocaptionist is also an itinerant column that embarks on cross-publishing opportunities with other magazines interested in our approach. Contact us to discuss the operation in more detail. We have been delighted to collaborate with Norwegian magazine Objektiv since the very beginning, as well as The British Journal of Photography, where we edited for a year their monthly endframe column (2015), and to have inhabited the pages of Unseen magazine (2015), among others.

We treasure collaborations and would like to thank our cultural partners: David Solo, Foam, Pro Helvetia, The Eyes, The Archive of Modern Conflict, The British Journal of PhotographyFORMAT, Objektiv, PhotoIreland, PhotoworksUnseen, Yet, The Photographers’ Gallery and Fotografia Europea.

Without the graphic pirouettes of Good Caesar, this website would not have seen the light.

Enjoy the photo-text extravaganza!

Yours fictionally,



Federica Chiocchetti, founder & director

Based between London, Paris and Tuscany, Federica is a writer, curator, lecturer and editor specialising in photography and literature. Currently she is working on her PhD on photo-textualities at the University of Westminster, under the supervision of Professor and artist David Bate. She explores the relation between photography, fictions & words through this platform Photocaptionist, collaborating with institutions such as Aperture, Foam and Fotomuseum Winterthur. She recently contributed to the 10×10 book How We See: Photobooks by Women (2018) and to The Routledge Companion of Photography and Visual Culture (2018). Previously, she was Art Fund Curatorial Fellow of Photographs at the Victoria and Albert Museum, where she curated the exhibition and symposium P.H. Emerson: Presented by the Author, at Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery (2015-2016). Her book Amore e Piombo (with Roger Hargreaves; AMC Books, 2014) won the Kraszna-Krausz 2015 Best Photography Book Award. Her writings have appeared in IMA magazine, The Eyes, and Photoworks, among others. She holds an MA in Comparative Literature from the University College of London and a MSc in Book Publishing & Literature from the University of Milan. She teaches a course on Photo-Text Intersections at Paris College of Art and gives lectures on the subject at international universities such as ECAL, and Ithaca College (NY).

Lisa Stein, managing editor & contributor

Lisa is a London-based writer and researcher specialising in photography. A graduate of MA in Contemporary Art Theory from Goldsmiths, University of London, she continues to examine the relationship between thought and the photographic image, taking her point of departure in Georges Bataille’s writing on ‘nonknowledge’. Lisa currently works in the editorial team of The Burlington Magazine, one of the world’s leading monthly publication devoted to the fine and decorative arts. 

Sara Cuono, exhibitions & social media

Sara holds a BA in Photographic Arts at the University of Westminster, London. She mainly works with analogue 35 mm and 120 mm cameras. She co-edits the Instagram account of the Photocaptionist and assists with the curation of our exhibitions. Recently she worked on London’s new photography festival and with our founding director on Feminine Masculine: On the Struggle and Fascination of Dealing with the Other Sex, as part of Photo 50 within the London Art Fair 2016.



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