commissioned photo-literary montages from a range of artists, writers & critics

Powder Blue

by Carla Liesching


by Alex Bocchetto

P.H. Emerson: Boys Bathing

by Federica Chiocchetti

A Self-Reflection in Landscape

by Bronwen Colquhoun

SLANT: An interview with Aaron Schuman

by Federica Chiocchetti

Almost Touching

by Federica Chiocchetti

Hermès, bras levés

by Sophie Boursat

The Fascist Attitude of Mind

by Roger Hargreaves

David Fathi: Anecdotal

by Federica Chiocchetti

Pedro Letria: The Club

by Liza Premiyak

Julia Margaret Cameron

by Marta Weiss

Living Thought

by Lisa Stein

Mother Nature

by Erik Kessels

The Academic Year

by Rut Blees Luxemburg and Alexander García Düttmann


by Francesco Zanot

Italia O Italia

by Federico Clavarino and Sean Mark

The Spaghetti Tree

by Lucy Levene

Alessandro Calabrese: Thoreau

by Federica Chiocchetti and Nicoletta Barbata

A Spark

by Rose de Horn

H. Said He Loved Us

by Tommaso Tanini

The Jolly Spirit

by Federica Chiocchetti

Umbra: An Interview with Maria Barnas

by Federica Chiocchetti

Corona Silent

by Roger Hargreaves


by Ed Jones