Jakob Ottonowitsch von Narkiewitsch-Jodko, A Spark Captured on the Surface of the Body of a Well-Washed Prostitute, 1895

No love lost
A spark across the body
Desires to desire.
A coarse finger, trailing in the dark
Stumbles upon her, withers in vain
Against an agent, whose English knows no nuance.

Rose de Horn

A Spark, by Rose de Horn

20 Jul 2014

Scarce little is known of the life of Rose de Horn (1844–99). Her death certificate, which is currently kept at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, states that she died in Paris in 1899 aged 55 as a result of injuries sustained in a road accident, notably crushed chest and abdomen. She became one of the first recorded motor vehicle fatalities in Europe.

A collection of some dozen letters, prose poems and postcards bearing her signature were found stashed behind the mirror in a bureau, when the antique came up for sale at an auction house in Bristol, England circa 1981. One such letter professes her deep admiration for Dr von Narkiewitsch-Jodko and his electrography, which she witnessed on occasion in Russia.