Courtesy Erik Kessels

She blossoms from a bush
She is a young flourishing plant with pride of place in the middle of the garden
She is a decreasing love, the fading of beauty by the passing of the years
She is old, little camouflaged by floral-patterned clothes
She is marginal or juxtaposed with dry branches and dead plants
She is the unchanged passion of an old love story
She is an everyday love
She is used and mixed to others lives for
showing the feminine side of nature by a collector
She is the cycle of nature in all its phases, the power of life
She is the Woman

She is Mother Nature.

Francesca Seravalle, 2014

Mother Nature, by Erik Kessels

8 Mar 2015

The Photocaptionist wishes everybody a wonderful International Women’s Day with Mother Nature, by legendary Erik Kessels, curator and creative director of the agency KesselsKramer. The publication continues the series of artwork based on his photographic collection initiated with the glorious Album Beautya tribute to the flamboyant years of the photo album.

“In the analogue photography era – explains Kessels – men used to be the photographers mostly and, while taking pictures, they tended to place their wives or girlfriends in front of flowers, in nature. Sometimes women were even ‘planted’ in the middle of bushes.”

We are delighted to present here an excerpt of curator Francesca Seravalle‘s text on the connection between women and nature.

Mother Nature  is published by RVB Books and can be purchased here.