The Telegraph reviews our online exhibition Amateur Unconcern

15 Jun 2015

In 2015 the Telegraph reviewed Amateur Unconcern: A Photo-Literary Fantasia, an online exhibition curated by the Photocaptionist for FORMAT.

The Telegraph’s review of Amateur Unconcern: A Photo-Literary Fantasia, part of FORMAT15, 2015


“Curated by Federica Chiocchetti from the Photocaptionist, this online-only exhibition – Amateur Unconcern: A Photo-Literary Fantasia – combines unseen photographic material from the Archive of Modern Conflict and snippets of text from George Bernard Shaw’s First World War epic, Heartbreak House. Divided into five acts, the “photo-literary montage” paints a picture of upper class indifference to the hardship and death happening outside of their windows, and plays with notions of frivolity, privilege, and political disengagement”.