The Photographers’ Gallery, London: Photography & Gender Dynamics post #MeToo

29 Sep 2018
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As a natural sequel of our exploration of gender dynamics following our exhibition Feminine Masculine: On the Struggle and Fascination of Dealing with the Other Sex at the 2016 London Art Fair, we are beyond honoured to have been invited to put together this panel discussion with the terrific Hannah Watson of TJ Boulting Gallery & Trolley Books and Joseph Kendra of The Photographers Gallery on ‘Photography & Gender Dynamics post #MeToo’.

Natasha Caruana, The Barn, from the series Married Man, 2008-09, courtesy the artist

This timely discussion builds upon an increasing focus on the practise of and positions held by women in photography, with the aim of addressing aspects of life and society beyond art and gender divisions, in our current #MeToo climate.

Juno Calypso, Die Now Pay Later, from the series What To Do With A Million Years, 2018, courtesy the artist

In both looking back and towards the future, this event reflects upon the images used for the #MeToo movement and how feminism and activist female artists and photographers have fought and are fighting today certain ideologies of discrimination.

Khairani Barokka, Indigenous Species (Tilted Axis Press, 2016). Cover artwork by the author

Contributions will also explore how photography can unmask or resist stereotypical prejudice about female/male dynamics that for way too long have been presented as a rigid binary opposition.The afternoon is convened by our founder and director Federica Chiocchetti and Hannah Watson, director of TJ Boulting gallery and Trolley publishing house. Chiochetti is joined in discussion with writer, poet and artist Khairani Barokka and artist Natasha Caruana while Watson invites Ami Bouhassane, the author and granddaughter of Lee Miller in charge of her archive and award-winning photographer Juno Calypso.

Lee Miller, Leonora Carrington with Max Ernst, 1937, courtesy Lee Miller Archive

This is a challenging and exciting initiative, we’ll try our best and we hope to see many of you there! If you have specific questions you want us to address please write to [email protected].

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