Aperture, New York: Guest Editor, The PhotoBook Review

10 Jun 2019

Aperture’s The PhotoBook Review, published by Lesley A. Martin welcomes our founding director as Guest Editor for issue 016, Spring 2019. In this issue, Chiocchetti invites contributors to evaluate the possibilities of images in relationship to text as a means of giving shape and meaning to a book. As Victor Burgin states, “Even the uncaptioned photograph, framed and isolated on a gallery wall, is invaded by language when it is looked at: in memory, in association, snatches of words and images continually intermingle and exchange one for the other.” What happens, then, when language and text are given equal weight in an artist’s work — and in particular, in the book form? Issue 016 explores both the history and contemporary practice as it relates to “Photo-Text” books, as well as offering in-depth reviews of recent publications and other photobook-related content.

Join us on June 13 at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie (MEP) in Paris for a conversation with Laurence Vecten of The Gould Collection, book here.

courtesy Kelsey Sucena