The Oxford Research Centre In The Humanities: Federica Chiocchetti in conversation with Prof Bob Lumley

15 Mar 2021
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Ugo Mulas, from the series Le Verifiche 1969-1972, 12. La didascalia. A Man Ray (The caption. To Man Ray)

In this talk our director Federica Chiocchetti looks at theoretical and artistic practices of nineteenth-century and contemporary authors, from William Henry Fox Talbot to Sophie Calle, that subverted traditional hierarchies in the relationship of word and image.

Federica Chiocchetti (PhD) is a writer and curator based in Paris, whose research on photo-text intersections involve multiple projects, from exhibitions and books to her photo-literary platform Photocaptionist. She was recently guest editor on The PhotoBook Review of the prestigious photography magazine Aperture on the theme of photo-text books.
Robert Lumley is Emeritus Professor in the School of European Languages, Cultures, and Society at UCL. An expert in cultural history with a focus on Italy in the second half of the twentieth century, his research and publications have been concerned with political culture and the relationship between social movements and cultural forms; material forms of the artwork and modes of exhibition; Arte Povera; and experimental filmmaking.

Organsied by the Image and Thought TORCH Network,  The Oxford Research Centre In The Humanities.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM CET

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