What is Photopoetry?

by Michael Nott

21 Jun 2018

What is photopoetry? Its neglect is such that the Oxford English Dictionary records no definitions of ‘photopoetry’ or ‘photopoem’, or comparable terms such as ‘photoetry’ or ‘photoverse’. Such terms do exist, however, and the first use of the word ‘photopoem’ occurs in Photopoems: A Group of Interpretations through Photographs (1936),…

Morell’s Daguerreotypes Are Not Authentic (A Preface)

by Diego Mormorio, translated by Sean Mark

16 Jun 2014

The Photocaptionist is delighted and honoured to present for the first time in English an excerpt of Diego Mormorio’s fascinating book Writers and Photography: A Marvellous Start 1840-1870, a ground-breaking and compelling story of the early connections between words and images. Enjoy the photo-literary feast! Speaking of photography and criminal…

The world of Gabriel Garcia Márquez in the photobook of Fausto Giaccone

  Gabriel Garcia Márquez died on the seventeenth of April 2014, aged 87. The Photocaptionist is extremely sad and would like to remember him in all his literary splendour. We are particularly grateful as he wrote what are probably the best incipit lines ever created for a novel. He opens his One…