Fotoromanzo Italiano in conversation with photo novel guru Jan Baetens

22 Sep 2018

While the eccentric collective Fotoromanzo Italiano of explosive duo Andrea Botto and Giorgio Barrera with their extravagant booth is conquering Coop, a terrific initiative dedicated to artist-run projects and collectives worldwide, curated by Lars Willumeit within the must attend photography fair Unseen in Amsterdam, we asked the renown photo novel expert professor…

Interview with Duncan Wooldridge

by Federica Chiocchetti

6 Jan 2018

Duncan Wooldridge researches the history of the experiment, and is interested in the proto- and extra-photographic, and the ways we struggle with the limits of photography and what some of those terms might mean. He is an artist and writer, and is Course Director of Photography at Camberwell College of…

Interview with DER GREIF

by Lisa Stein

16 Oct 2016

Awarded Photography Magazine of the Year 2014, DER GREIF is a print-publication, online-publication, curatorial team and joint project for and with photographers and writers from all over the world. A printed and ad-free magazine at its core, DER GREIF combines and presents photography and poetry in a holistic piece of…

Interview with Nick Scammell

by Lisa Stein

30 Sep 2016

Nick Scammell maintains a practice where photography and literature collude. Fascinated by where the image meets the word, where the material meets the digital, he uses scanners to explore the performance of surface and the transformation of the tangible into digital rumour. Following his most recent exhibition That Burning Field, the Photocaptionist…

S T I L L Magazine für junge Literatur & Fotografie

by Nicoletta Barbata

16 Jun 2014

S T I L L is a magazine for contemporary photography and writing, based between Berlin and New York, launched in March 2013. A young magazine in continuous evolution and growth. While waiting for the third issue to come out, the Photocaptionist interviews them to explore their language, aim and future plans. Enjoy the photo-literary feast! Nicoletta…