Steve Fuller: PAPKA

24 Nov 2014

What do Joachim Weimann, Katy Clark, Esther Goodall, James Trevithick, Andrew Sutton, Charlie Day, Sophia Wood, Art Cohen and Monica Anderson have in common? They are all simulated photo-artists and writers, contributors of the fictive magazine PAPKA, conceived and masterfully produced by Steve Fuller, fresh graduate from Falmouth University. Playfully exploring the ‘murky waters’ of what is considered…

Marita Pappa: Orange Girl

16 Jun 2014

Among the numerous submissions that we received, and for which we wish to thank all the photographers who sent their work to the Photocaptionist, it is our extreme pleasure to introduce you to the oneirically sublime world of photographer Marita Pappa. Seduced by the verses of Odysseus Elytis’s ‘Orange Girl’, she returns…